Children books

Trained to children writing in the US (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) and in France (ALEPH Écriture), I develop my creative skills towards children and young teenagers. I write picture books and children novels.


Journal d’une ado expatriée

Text and inside illustrations by Véronique Martin-Place

Léa, a young teenager of 13 years old living in Nantes, loves theater and her girlfriends she knows since always. The only cloud on the horizon is that she lives alone with her dad. Her mom has been living in Chicago for six months for professional reasons. Her parents decide to reunite the family. That is why, Léa and her dad must leave France for the US. This announcement is far from satisfying Léa, a lively teenager who is determined to take her life in hand.

This story will appeal to young teenagers dreaming of living abroad as well as those who are directly affected by expatriation. They will identify themselves into Léa’s change of moods, joyful moments and fears. A novel for preteens and young teenagers who are expats or not, or are just about to become one.

Book in French available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.


Date de publication : June 2017.

Why do ladybugs have spots?

Written and illustrated by Véronique Martin-Place

book cover

Why do ladybugs have spots ? Every child has asked this question one day. But do we really know what to answer ?

This book, which targets children under 6 years old, will give them a simple answer while using the technique of how and why stories.

Why do ladybugs have spots ? is the story of Lina, a little ladybug, who sometimes forgets her age. She tries several tricks but it never works. Soon she has no choice but to do a special homework to make her remember how old she is. Will that help her?

This children book is available on Amazon websites (paperback and Kindle) and on Apple iTunes websites (IBOOK format for Mac, Ipad, etc..).


Art: watercolor and ink. Date of publication: January 2015.